GBM Hypnobirth ‘The Gowri Way’ classes (& weekly yoga) Online


Our Gentle Birth Method Hypnobirth ‘The Gowri Way’ 4 week course also INCLUDES weekly pregnancy yoga until birth (with GBM Hypnobirth ‘The Gowri Way’ top ups), 3 practice yoga VIMEOS and MP3 downloads.  Can be started from 20 weeks  £350 donation for the full course!

  • 4-week 90 minute Gentle Birth Method Hypnobirth ‘The Gowri Way’ course for couples
    • Tuesdays 6pm – 7.30pm (new course every month)
    • Live online by Zoom
    • For maximum benefit, enrol on the Visualisation course at around 20 weeks gestation or above.
    • Birth partners are encouraged to attend the hypnobirth course.

Teaches self-hypnosis and ‘trance’ techniques on how to deeply relax all the muscles in your body.

The course also includes visualisation of your baby’s development in your womb with welcoming thoughts that help the mother and baby bond deeply all the way through pregnancy.

We also include a visualisation of how the mother’s body prepares for birth and breastfeeding

The classes teach couples techniques on how to visualise and manifest the release of their own endorphins. Endorphins are nature’s own anaesthetic agents!

Mothers can practise these techniques all the way through pregnancy to encourage a comfortable pregnancy and a manageable birthing process.

Each session concludes with an effective and beautiful Birth Rehearsal.

You will be emailed class summaries and the GBM Pregnancy Guidelines.

  • Free MP3 audio file, ‘Prepare for Birth’, by Gowri to listen to every day.
    This helps your mind to be pre-programmed for birth, so that on your birthing day, both mother and father are ready and equipped with strategies to able to manage the sensations of the birthing process easily.
  • Weekly 60 minute live zoom yoga classes, followed by 30 minute relaxation and visualisation top ups that continues the support all the way through to birthing.
    • Wednesdays 6pm-7.30pm
    • This is for pregnant mothers only! Though fathers can join the 30 minute Visualisation if they wish on Zoom!
    • You will need: a Yoga mat, a small and a large cushion, a blanket and some water.
  • 3 x practice pregnancy yoga videos:
    • 20 to 30 weeks of pregnancy
    • 30 to 36 weeks of pregnancy
    • 36 weeks to birth

Links to view the practice videos will be sent to you with a password. (Vimeo links). The sessions starts with 50 minutes of yoga, followed by 40 minutes of Pranayama Breathing and finishes with a short relaxationClasses are led by Swati Raghavendra B.Sc, MCA, M.Sc Yoga, live from Bangalore India.

Once your booking is received, we will email you a Zoom link for your four week course, your yoga. Your GBM Pregnancy Guidelines, class summaries and Vimeo link will be emailed to you. Your MP3 audio file will be sent by Wetransfer.  

A £350 booking donation is charged to ensure that mothers and partners are committed to the full programme.

For other enquires please email: