Welcome to The Gentle Birth Method (Currently Online!)

Dr. Gowri Motha and her team have been invited by senior consultants at the Whittington Hospital to introduce her Gentle Birth Method classes and treatments. We are proud and honoured to be of service to mothers and fathers. This is an affordable service at a minimum donation for pregnant mothers.

NEWS – The Reflexology service is now open! 


Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, all classes will be offered ONLINE via Zoom until further notice.

Dear Mothers at the Whittington,

We are pleased to offer you our Gentle Birth Method classes!

Option 1: (£100 Donation)

Live on Zoom – 60 minute Yoga classes followed by 30 minutes Visualisation for relaxation and birth preparation. Once a week, 90 minutes total.
All the way through Pregnancy till you give birth.

On booking, we will email you a Zoom link, Pregnancy guidelines and a free MP3 audio file, ‘Prepare for a Natural Birth’ by Gowri, to listen to everyday.

Option 2: (£200 Donation)

For mothers who wish to also follow the original Gentle Birth Method Hypnobirth course, we offer you option 2:

Four, 90 minute Hypnobirth classes for couples. This includes ongoing weekly yoga from date of booking, all the way through pregnancy until you give birth.

Teaches self-hypnosis and techniques on how to deeply relax all the muscles in your body.

The course also includes Visualisation of your baby’s development in your womb with welcoming thoughts that help the mother and baby bond deeply all the way through pregnancy.

We also include Visualisation of how the mothers body prepares for birth and breastfeeding

The classes teach couples techniques on how to tune in and release their own endorphins. Mothers can practice this all the way through pregnancy to encourage a comfortable pregnancy and a manageable birthing process.
Endorphins are nature’s own anaesthetic agents!

Each session concludes with an effective and beautiful Birth Rehearsal.

You will be emailed class summaries and Pregnancy Guidelines.
We also include a free MP3 audio file, ‘Prepare for Birth’, by Gowri to listen to every day.
This helps your mind to be pre-programmed for birth, so that on your birthing day, both mother and father are ready and equipped with strategies to able to manage the sensations of the birthing process easily.

As ongoing support, every week the course includes a 60 minute live Zoom yoga classes, followed by 30 minute relaxation and Visualisation top ups that continues the support all the way through to birthing. This is for pregnant mothers only!
Though fathers can join the 30 minute Visualisation if they wish on Zoom!

Once your booking is received, you will be emailed a Zoom link for your four week course that commences on your chosen start date. A new course starts on the first Tuesday of every month. Class time is 6 PM.  You can follow-up with weekly yoga on Wednesdays at 6 PM, these include Visualisation top-ups from the comfort of your own home!




  • Visualisation course (currently online via Zoom)
    4 week Visualisation course for couples (6pm – 7.30pm on Tuesdays) For maximum benefit, enroll on the Visualisation course at around 20 weeks gestation or above.
  • Location –  currently online by Zoom (formerly held in The Parent Craft Room (directly opposite the lifts, 5th floor, Kenwood Wing)
  • Yoga (currently online via Zoom)
    Once you have booked online, you can immediately join the weekly pregnancy Yoga classes (for pregnant mothers only!). Class takes place on Wednesdays at 6pm.
  • You will need: a Yoga mat, a small and a large cushion and a blanket
  • Location –  currently online by Zoom. (Formerly held at Whittington Education Centre (WEC)


  • Reflexology one to one sessions for 50 minutes, available on:
    Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Location – 5th floor Fetal Medicine Unit.
  • Creative Healing Pancreatic Treatments for 100 minutes: Please email us to arrange this treatment. This treatment is particularly useful in balancing blood sugars. Location 5th floor Fetal Medicine Unit.
  • Fear Release Hypnotherapy 50 minutes (one-to-one) available online via Zoom (donation £50 ) Please email us on info@gbmfoundationclinic.com to request an appointment

Gentle Birth Method Foundation Clinic is a not for profit registered charity organisation.
Charity Number: 1173798

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