About Parenting workshop

About parenting workshop – By Ann Herreboudt
MA Psychoanalytic Studies, Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist UKCP Registered, Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife

Transitions in life are never easy. One of the most complex is that into motherhood, fatherhood and parenthood. Babies don’t come with a handbook, which means you have to work things out as you go along. It is difficult to understand the needs of a new baby when you cannot read the physical and emotional signs of the newborn. What’s more, there is so much information out there to cope with, it can seem like the world and its aunt are giving advice to new parents. My passion is helping parents understand the needs of their babies – to sort through the plethora of mixed feelings they have when it comes to their parenting abilities, all of which they experience while recovering from pregnancy, birth, and breast or bottle-feeding, a time of sheer exhaustion.

Transitions, however, go beyond the baby stage, bringing new challenges with each developmental phase. The key to happy parenting, I believe, is in parents learning to read and understand their baby’s and child’s clues. Babies are born to communicate. However, they communicate as babies from their baby brain, which is difficult for our adult brain to interpret. Over time, children become more vocal as they develop  which opens up a whole new world of negotiation. My role is to help parents unlock the mystery of this baby and child world,